Understanding Terpenes

Understanding Terpenes

A terpene is a kind of aromatic molecule that you will find in different plant resins. There are thousands of terpenes that you will find all throughout the plant world, with more than 100 various compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant alone.

When a cannabis plant starts to mature from fertility into senescence, the resins that have the terpenes will change in both viscosity and composition. The cannabis terpenes will usually be divided into two main chemical classifications, with one being monoterpenes and the other being sesquiterpenes, with the former being a more volatile one.

Terpenes make up the range of flavors and smell of cannabis flowers and extracts, providing notable aromas for all of the various cannabis varieties. Some of the psychological and medical benefits that are found in cannabis have been said to be attributed to the terpenes.

Specific environmental and genetic factors, along with the process for drying and curing, will determine the kinds and levels of the terpenes that are present in any usable cannabis.

A terpene analysis will be both a scientifically valid and cost-effective way of assisting with the identification and understanding of strains. Terpenes have even been called the fingerprints of cannabis, where each strain will have its blend of different terpene compounds. If you have a terpene profile from a laboratory, you will have a better understanding of the various tastes, aromas and the physiological effects of each strain for classification purposes.

The terpene profiles can be used by the growers, dispensaries, and by patients for some reasons, including:

– Terpene profiling for understanding the different characteristics of cannabis, such as the flavors and smells
– Terpene makeup as well as proportion, which can be used to help identify and then classify the different strains
– Terpene testing, where the results can then be used with the different cannabinoid profiles for recommendation and health benefits study.

The terpenes are natural compounds that come along with a range of health benefits. Not only do they influence the taste and aroma, but they also impact the intensity and the longevity of cannabis. Researchers have proven that terpenes can also cut back on negative effects of cannabinoids, like anxiety. They will act synergistically to help enhance positive effects for the reduction of pain and inflammation, retarding the growth of cancer tumors and inhibiting depression.

In some studies, terpenes have been shown to offer symptomatic relief that may vary from one individual to the next.

* These statements have not been FDA evaluated and nor should they be intended for use to diagnose, prevent, treat or try to cure any disease.