Muscle Growth Through Cannabidoil

Muscle Growth Through Cannabidoil

Muscle Growth Through Cannabidoil


Not only do cannabinoids hold great power when it comes to fighting disease and illness, but they are also potent as dietary supplements. And for everyone who takes their muscle building regime seriously, cannabinoid supplements can be incredibly useful. In this article, the focus will go to how these supplements can speed up your muscle building time, and where you can find the highest quality CBD oil on the market.

But before going deeper into the article, it’s important to establish the difference in cannabinoids. These are divided into CBD and THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid and gives you that high feeling, whereas CBD is the exact opposite. In fact, CBD is used to balance out the high THC brings on. Also note, CBD is a legal ingredient for dietary supplements.

Cannabinoid Supplements Are Anti-Catabolic

A long time ago I learned the difference between catabolic and anabolic hormones. And this information was clarified by one of the greatest muscle building doctors the world had ever seen, namely Dr. Colker. He said that catabolic hormones have the dominant power over anabolic hormones, and if you want to build muscle faster, you need to be more anti-catabolic as supposed to anabolic.

To put this information into perspective, consider how long it takes to build only 5 pounds of muscle, or just get an extra 10 pounds on the bench? For those who have been building muscle for a while now, you’ll know how difficult this can be. And if you’re lucky, you can do it in a couple of months.

To effectively grow more muscle, you need to adapt what is referred to as a state of increased muscle protein synthesis. In other words, sweating at the gym and getting as much protein as possible. Maintaining this routine is no easy feat, and it also explains why so many people go for the anabolic steroids. It makes everything so much quicker, although it presents a different set of challenges.

Still, the momentum with which you start losing muscle is scary. In times when you are injured, or simply too sick or busy to work out, a lot of hard work is wasted within a manner of days and weeks. And it’s all because the catabolic hormone is busy cutting down on your muscle mass.

With more muscle mass comes a higher demand for energy. And with a higher energy demand, it gets harder to survive. When your body goes into survival mode, it will target muscle mass you don’t need, seeing as it doesn’t care how good your abs should be looking.

Getting past this natural reaction from the body is difficult when you aim to build muscle. However, if we can implement a lifestyle that works against it, more muscles are going to grow. And one of the ways to work against catabolic hormones is through CBD supplements.

In fact, there’s a study that looks at how CBD decreases cortisol levels.

Clear proof that CBD oil is very effective at reducing cortisol, an element I love very much.

What About CBD Oil As A Weight Loss Supplements?

Unfortunately, there are still some people who are doubtful about CBD oil effects. For example, they believe it also makes you high, seeing as it comes from the same plant as THC. Also, it is found CBD promotes appetite. To clarify both questions, CBD is the counter-balance for THC, and it doesn’t stimulate a bigger appetite. Instead, it regulates blood sugar levels, which are critical if you want to lose weight.

At the moment, we stock a two punch supplement. One is specifically for decreasing cortisol in your body, and the other to promote weight loss.

What Other Benefits Do You Get?

As you’ve noticed, I love staying on top of health matters, and I believe the body needs to be healthy to grow muscles. As for CBD, it also helps to fight inflammation, which occurs directly from intense training.

Implementing CBD Supplements For Muscle Growth

Thanks to the anti-catabolic elements of CBD supplements, it’s going to help you build muscle much faster. I recommend using the supplement before you start working out, and I prefer a dosage of 10 to 50mg.

You can stack this supplement with Myostatin Inhibitors (Anti-Catabolic), and you should use CBD supplements when you are out of action as well. For example, when you are feeling sick or stressed.