How Do You Combine Cannabis and Exercise?

How Do You Combine Cannabis and Exercise?

Cannabis brings to the mind the image of a lazy person lolling on his couch, stoned, with bags of chips lying all around. This is how the media in general looks at and represents stoners or those who use cannabis. This perception is slowly changing due to the more accurate portrayal of the people who are nowadays, the actual consumers of cannabis. You will find cannabis users in many sections of society, and there will be gym sharks, health gurus, lawyers, painters, authority workers, singers, shop workers, administrators, and almost everybody and everyone, with many of them equally proud of their daily routine of exercising. Vaporizers that are cleaner and smarter, like the DaVinci IQ and Pax 3, have allowed cannabis users to easily combine their exercise routines with the use of cannabis as part of their daily exercises to look after their health and well being.

Cannabis and Athletes

Medically, the use of cannabis has been made for the treatment of epilepsy, anxiety and even cancer, and these uses have been widely discussed. Its intake had been deemed counterproductive for staying healthy and fit. But, now fitness enthusiasts and experts have argued against this premise. Athletes have started using cannabis for medical reasons as well as casually, and have found further advantages with the CBD and THC that cannabis contains. A former NFL player, Ricky Williams, has the opinion that almost half of the football players use cannabis for managing the pains that the sport brings them. Runners of marathons have always been enthusiastic users of cannabis. Their reasons for its use is the reduced stress, pain, and nausea that cannabis brings with it. Are all runners high?

Introducing Weed to Health Plans

Start using the weed if you are into heavy power-lifting or running, but do it in a healthy way. People may find this idea a little strange and have doubts, but there are healthy ways in which the cannabis can be used. The weed can be put into a vaporizer and used in a way that is healthy. When you use a vaporizer, you are saved the trouble of rolling and smoking cannabis as is the normal perception of its use, while its use also keeps away any dangerous carcinogens. Smoking burns dry herbs, which vaporizers will avoid. Using them makes for a healthy and safe way to ingest cannabis. If you are intrigued by this, get fuller information on vaporizers by clicking here.

Sportspeople Can Benefit From the Use of Cannabis

When you use cannabis, by vaping, smoking or any other way, CBD and THC enters your bodily system and interacts with its endocannabinoid system and produces a variety of responses. The makeup of the strain of cannabis and your body’s own reactions can lead to euphoria, relaxation of the mind and other responses that have anti-inflammatory properties. The psychoactive cannabinoid in this weed is THC. It helps the body to concentrate on any activity and helps to overcome any mental barriers. So you will remain focused on the lifting of weights and probably get in two more repetitions. The other chemical in cannabis, CBD, can help to combat both pain and inflammation. That is why runners make use of cannabis strains that have a high CBD content so that their recovery process is speeded up. Others who have stopped exercising because of pain can use high CBD content cannabis to help combat the pain and get back to the exercise routines.


When you combine cannabis with exercises you must be careful to know your tolerance level. While some find it easy to take in large quantities of weed, while others, like myself, may not. Your lack of awareness can lead to overexercise. Cannabis affects every person differently. Take care and find your right tolerance level when you start using cannabis.