CBD Protein Powder


Canna Sports has 5 flavors of CBD Whey Protein Powders. Here is why they lead the industry in quality nad results from their products.

  1.  100% USA CBD
  3. 70mg of CBD per serving (Highest in the industry)
  4. 2000mg per container
  5. lowest sugar in whey proteins
  6. low carbs metrix Whey Protein formulation using micro filtration
  7. 30 servings for daily supplementation & 15 for sports and performance individuals (14g Protein for 2 servings)

CBD Protein Flavors

Try our Iso2 X2 athlete, Cross fit and sports formulations

Iso2 X2 Capsules

Iso2 X2 Capsules

Iso2 X2 Iso Freeze Pain Relief Cream 

IsoFreeze X2 Pain Relief Cream