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Canna4 Supplements is becoming the leader in CBD Supplements. Why? Utilizing nano technology across the board in production of the whey and CBD ingredients. Bi-Directional Microfiltration. Allowing the purest forms of Whey and CBD to be used in our products.

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Canna4 Supplements is the premier source for pre and post workout supplements and Whey Protein.

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This is true and why we produce only the HIGHEST purity of ingredients not just mass produced commercial ones.

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We have been in the nutraceutical and supplement space for over 20 years and producing CBD products for over 4

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The Benefits OF CBD Products From Canna4

The Amazing Benefits Of Canna4’s CBD Products

You can provide immense energy for your body with Canna4 CBD Protein Powder, as well as Cann4Sports Supplements. You can also provide a balance for your mind and body alike with Canna4‘s Total Body and x2 CBD Capsules. If you’re looking to deal with aches and pains, you should try Cann4’s Iso Freeze Pain Relief Cream, as well as Canna4‘s Pre & Post Workout Capsules. With these products, we aim to help support the optimal performance and recovery of any athlete that may need the additional boost. Based on proprietary blends of hemp, these products are the ultimate in support for overall wellness throughout any training exercise, performance, or even mere day to day life. Best of all, the formulas are entirely THC free, with full WADA compliance.

Canna4‘s Commitment

Canna4 is thoroughly committed to offering the best products available for supporting recovery and performance for anyone in the world of athleticism. Utilizing only the best properties of hemp, each product in the line is built to bolster the strength of cognitive function and physical health. This is a perfect marriage of nature and science, with quick and long-lasting effects fueled by nanotechnology, phytocannabinoids, and a range of other natural resources. Rest assured, virtually all common health or fitness issues can be dealt with handily with the support of Canna4’s lifestyle products. Given the highly concentrated makeup of nano-phytocannabinoids and other beneficial substances, you’re sure to see progress right away.

The Benefits Of Taking CBD For Pain Relief

Products like the Iso2 X2  CBD Capsules utilize a special CBD formula with natural elements like East Asian herbs (and a host of others) that can provide amazing benefits such as building up your cartilage. CBD is also capable of offering potent pain relief and a fast-working remedy for any tension, soreness, or general discomfort of the muscles and joints. You’ll be able to work out for much longer and feel far better after the fact! All of Canna4‘s products are specially formulated using the wisdom of expert herbologists from long ago, meaning you’ll receive only the best in support of your health and fitness.

Iso2 X2  CBD


Iso2 X2 is for serious athletes and the almighty healthy.  With twice the cbd than out Total Body & Pain X2 CBD Capsules allow for serious post performance routine management. Iso2 X2 is for serious athletes and the almighty healthy.

30 Day Supply of 200mg per capsule- This is for serious athletes, Cross fitters, Body Builders, Cyclists, Runners, Climbers and Ultra fit
• 2x Amount of Pure CBD than Total Body & Pain

  • Enhance Recovery Formulation**
  • For Serious Athletes and Performance


May Temporarily relieve the minor aches and pains of muscle and joints associated with:

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • arthritis
  • strain
  • bruises
  • sprains

Each Ease Capsule delivers 200mg CBD extract from whole plant hemp oil. The other combined ingredients deliver a spectrum of benefits:

  • Pure Hemp CBD Whole Plant Exact -200mg per Cap
  • MCT Oil Powder – 200mg
  • D-Glucosamine HCL Powder – 50mg
  • Turmeric Root – 25mg
  • Acia Powder – 10mg
  • Arnica Powder – 10mg
  • Black Garlic Extract Powder – 10mg
  • Arnica – 10mg


  • Use only as directed
  • Adults 18 years of age and older

But How Does It All Work?

You may still be wondering how CBD can lead to pain relief. It all comes down to the endocannabinoid system of the body. This is also known as the “ECS.” Endocannabinoids are present in the organs, brain, glands, connective tissues, and immune cells of the body. They also have corresponding receptors. While these have some different purposes depending on the area, the general intent is for homeostasis. In short, that means they are meant to stabilize the body no matter what condition may be present, including strenuous physical activities such as athletics or exercise. As you push your body further, your endocannabinoids are there to help you remain stress-free and going strong.


Issues such as pain and inflammation can quickly crop up to make this process difficult, however. By providing your body with additional CBD yet, you can virtually give a massive boost to your ECS. Stringent scientific research has proven that CBD supplements can cause the body to push its endocannabinoid production through the roof and even inspire more receptor growth. As such, the CBD products from the likes of Canna4 are fully capable of giving your body a complete overhaul! You’ll be able to deal with any pain and keep on going, making your athletic endeavors and day to day life much better in the process.